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MAME / MAME PLUS SRC ReCompile for different use (MAME PLUS ReBuild)
« Last post by ShinoGoto Tezsui on July 17, 2018, 09:39:05 am »

Hello, it is possible to compile from this src a new build
that have the neogeo bios updated with unibios v3.2 and v3.3? :(

Please i need this help for a cabinet that have windows 7 32 bit.

In case you can help my, can add also these clones:

bjourneyh - Blue's Journey / Raguy (ALH-001)

burningfpa - Burning Fight (prototype, ver 23.3, 910326)

mslug2t - Metal Slug 2 Turbo (NGM-9410) (hack)

mslug3a - Metal Slug 3 (NGM-2560, earlier)

wh2h - World Heroes 2 (ALH-006)

For the neogeo bios should only add
unibios 3.2 and 3.3 in the compilation.

I recommend to adding only, not change all components of negeo bios
or update to the current neogeo bios set (as you seem comfortable)

P.S rebuild in 32 bit with UI, i hope you succeed, thanks and good work.
FBA Development / Re: What I've been working on (iq_132's work in progress)
« Last post by dink on July 17, 2018, 07:57:10 am »
serious pie to be had here!  indeed!
FBA Development / Re: What I've been working on (iq_132's work in progress)
« Last post by iq_132 on July 17, 2018, 12:42:24 am »
My current WIP. Still a lot to do!
News / Re: PGM2 is working
« Last post by Fighterchar on July 15, 2018, 02:07:09 am »
Please add PGM2 in Fba  :biggrin:
Thanks, it works, it seems i can't get the analogs working at the same time though. I guess i'll have to implement some kind of mecanism to switch between different I/O board setup. Best case scenario would be to directly load mame roms and autoconfigure this from their name (at the moment, reicast loads an arcade game from a file containing all the decrypted roms concatened, and that's kinda annoying because we can't use mame roms directly).
I wonder if you could try changing random / seemingly unused input bits until the 3p/4p inputs show activity?
That's an interesting idea, i tried setting the bit indicating the number of player in the I/O board to 4, and ended up with this :

Inputs are broken now, but perhaps i can figure out something.
Unfortunately I can't find anything about the internal workings of this IO board.  :(
I wonder if you could try changing random / seemingly unused input bits until the 3p/4p inputs show activity?
FBA Discussion / Aspect Ratio Problems
« Last post by dojima on July 08, 2018, 06:59:20 am »
Hello, I've been using FBA to play Street Fighter III:  3rd Strike.  From my understanding, this is a 384x224 resolution game that's intended to be displayed at a 4:3 aspect ratio.  No matter what I do, however, I can't manage to get FBA to run it at this aspect ratio.  It seems to prefer a ≈1.37 aspect ratio, specifically 307x224 in 1x mode.  FBA correctly detects my monitor's aspect ratio, but even manually selecting different options doesn't work.

I found another thread here where someone appears to have the same issue.

Thanks for any help.

edit:  After testing it again, I've determined that it runs in the correct aspect ratio in fullscreen mode, making the situation even more confusing.  The game also runs in the correct aspect ratio in windowed mode when using the FBA Libretro core within RetroArch.
Thanks :)

I guess no one knows about the Capcom Naomi I/O board ? It seems to be needed for 4P games.

While i didn't find anything about it in Naomi MAME driver, i see here and there that it can be used in other JVS hardware (they even mention CPS2/CPS3), so perhaps it is known under another name in MAME's sources ?

Let me know if you learn anything about it.
FBA Development / Re: dink's FBA Development & Fixes thread
« Last post by dink on July 05, 2018, 08:48:26 am »
Dragon Gun
Due to the sheer unfairness of this game, the game didn't get as much testing as it deserved.  A quick trip to the service mode settings and putting the game in Easy mode solves that problem, and it turns out being quite a nice lightgun shooter.
Anyhow, a bunch of video & a game-related issue was fixed:
Ability to fully beat the end boss
Neat masking effect with the fire/dragon as the titlescreen comes in
Raster drawing to stretch the tilemaps (mostly stage 3/water level)
ugly black rectangle in the water as the stage 3 boss approaches & the water splits

There are still a couple minor sprite:sprite priority issues that I can't quite figure out, but they barely affect the gameplay.

best regards,
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