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Great job :)
I managed fixing both issues :biggrin:.
Hi everyone,

I thought i would ask here, since i don't know any other people who are good at emulating arcade systems.

I've been trying to help with lately. This is the libretro port of a dreamcast emulator, and it runs naomi/atomiswave games too. Compatibility is great (actually, greater than the standalone version), there are not that many games that won't boot or have graphical issues with the latest builds.

However, there are some issues with input :
- analogs don't work
- 2nd player doesn't work in some games

The issue with 2nd player is particularily weird, from looking at i get the general idea that games like MVSC2 or DOA2 (where 2P works in this emulator) share common input mecanism with GG XX accent core and Akatsuki Blitzkampf, however 2nd player doesn't work with those 2 (and probably some other).

Any advice on what we could be overlooking would be really useful :).

Edit : i think i got a general idea of what is wrong, see if you are interested or want to help.
FBA Development / Re: dink's FBA Development & Fixes thread
« Last post by dink on July 01, 2018, 09:57:45 am »
dink's fix/dev news:
Konami's Martial Champion: all gfx bugs fixed
Mystic Warriors: correct a timing issue so the attractmode music fully ends and says "Mystic Warriors!" when it gets to the titlescreen.
All games in the Mystic Warriors driver: F2 to enable service mode
Fixed region dips in some toaplan games (vfive, grindstormer, batsugun, dogyuun)
Fixed freeplay mode in galaga
Sprite offsets in Guts'n so the end-of-levels progress screen is lined up
VS Block Breaker/Saru Kani, graphics issue due to disabled layer's priorities buffer not being cleared
Bump 'n Jump/Burnin' Rubber: make the engine sound louder/more bassy in the PCB (non-decocassette) version
Fixed dips in SideArms Hyperdyne

best regards,
- dink
FBA Development / Re: FB Alpha Bug Reports
« Last post by dink on June 30, 2018, 12:08:05 am »
Regarding VS Block Breaker issue with the hamster-paddle tile covering up part of the titlescreen:
This was finally fixed tonight.  It was quite perplexing, and I'm happy to finally fix it.  On a side note,
another bug got fixed that "covered up" the flashing red or yellow that happens when the hamster
gets struck with the paddle in the intro.  yay!

best regards,
- dink

This one almost drove me crazy as i wasn't able to reproduce it and was starting to wonder if i dreamed it, but i was finally able to reproduce it.
FBA Development / Re: Flyers collection (PNGs)
« Last post by Gab75 on June 29, 2018, 07:36:49 am »
Uploading process completed...  :wink:
FBA Development / Re: Flyers collection (PNGs)
« Last post by Gab75 on June 29, 2018, 02:45:24 am »
Hi guys! As promised, a new release of flyers collection... check the first post (the update process is in progress) ! ;)
FBA Development / Re: FBA Previews & Titles screenshots (fullset) + icons
« Last post by Cristina on June 24, 2018, 06:05:20 pm »
Many thanks Gab75!  :smilie:
FBA Development / Re: FBA Previews & Titles screenshots (fullset) + icons
« Last post by Gab75 on June 24, 2018, 05:08:47 am »
Hi Cristina... you're welcome! :)

I manage/update the 13 zipped packs, while the aggregate packs are managed/updated by Emu-France guys... in any case, the snapshots should be exactly the same!

As I wrote you in the specific thread, I think to update the flyers collection in the future... differently (at the moment) I have no project for cabinet/marquee/cheats packs! :)

FBA Development / Re: Flyers collection (PNGs)
« Last post by Gab75 on June 24, 2018, 04:48:00 am »
Hi Cristina! Yes, the flyers collection will be updated in the future... I'm a little busy at this time, but in the future I will update the flyers pack! :)
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