Author Topic: Mame encryption questions  (Read 1383 times)

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Mame encryption questions
« on: June 27, 2014, 05:35:47 pm »

About mame, neogeo drivers specifically, three questions

if the roms "P" are encrypted, the game will only run with a table of decrypt, correct? (so, errors occurs without tables)

the rom "S" is encrypted, the text will load with errors (text garbaged)

the roms "C" are encrypted, the graphics will be in error (garbaged)

According to what is posted above (if correct) a fully decrypted rom, would have no problems to run on MAME, I think

Well, I have tried unsuccessfully to add the following roms mame been awhile

kf2k2mp3 (Kof 2002 Magic Plus 3)
kof2k2js (Kof 2002 Ultra Remix 3.0)
kf2k2js2 (Kof 2002 Remix Ultra 3.5 [FCHT / EGCG])
kf2k2js3 (Kof 2002 Remix Ultra 3.5 [Jason / FCHT)

But in all of them, has an error, an error in the first with Iori does not allow him to finish the DM (before the last hit, the second character latch and the counter hits too, allowing mend other special or whatever)

the other 3, the DM Iori (which was added to rom) simply resets the game (hcf x 2 + or a C)

Could anyone help with this?