Author Topic: FBA noob trying to use an FBA port for the Mini SNES to play Genesis games  (Read 328 times)

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Hi, I read that FBA supports Genesis/MD games. I have ClusterM's port of RetroArch/libretro FBA (based on v0.2.97.39) on my Mini SNES which works great for arcade ROMs. I tried importing a Mega Drive game (Shadow Dancer) from a v0.2.97.39 reference romset and changing the Hakchi command line to "/bin/fba" (which is what you do to play acade ROMs using the Mini SNES's FBA core) and it doesn't work, no reponse, just goes back to the UI. Does anyone have experience of trying this or know what i'm wrong about? Maybe v0.2.97.39 doesn't support MD? Cheers!!!

PS I'm new to FBA but it's been totally killer for Arcade ROMs!!!
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Hi, this forum is only related with the official FBA version (Windows OS)... I'm not sure, but the FBA libretro release should have only the arcades support.
In any case to emulate Megadrive/Genesis games on your SNES mini you can use "genesis plus gx" and "picodrive" hmods! ;)

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OK thanks, this was the answer I was looking for then, libreto FBA doesn't include Mega Drive/console support. I'm aware of the Mini SNES mods that support megadrive, but was interested in the idea of using FBA for console games as well as Arcade, to save precious space in the Mini SNES's limited storage. Thanks!
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Actually, fba-libretro include megadrive support, i don't know about ClusterM's port though. Be aware that a megadrive rom, let's say "", would need to be called as "md_solar" (iirc, without the ".zip") on command line though.

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There is something nice about using FBA to play the real version of Super Streetfighter 2 on the SNES mini. 

Does anyone know which target platform the SNES mini is? I'd also like to have a full build of FBA for mine but I can't figure out which GCC toolchain I should be using. Frustrating, as it would only take half an hour to add in MD support if I had a compiler.