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FBA Development / Re: dink's FBA Development & Fixes thread
« Last post by dink on August 06, 2018, 12:12:51 am »
Tempest now emulated in FBA!
FBA Development / Re: FB Alpha Bug Reports
« Last post by dink on July 31, 2018, 06:53:04 pm »
Thanks for the bug report, Neildark!
FBA Development / Re: FB Alpha Bug Reports
« Last post by Neildark on July 31, 2018, 04:47:54 pm »
Hello, I have already played a full game and the sound is already working correctly (there is a bit of reverb when there are many explosions but nothing important) but the final credits are not seen. I leave you a couple of images and a final savestate so you can check it out. A greeting.
Cabal (World, Joystick)
No update lately?  :p :biggrin:
Hello, a compilation of lots of things - suddenly came to me so I've tried to order / group them- ranging 1st from more technical things moving down to the more asking of opinions / advice... I appreciate what you can answer...

1. MAME GUI bug possibly (or at least unexpected / annoying something in GUI)
SCROLL BAR DISappears - test it yourself - scenario: click the column header of the games list, example: right click on name header (or any of the column headers) and then 'customize fields'... making some changes (or pressing ok with 0 changes) and the horizontal scroll bar just DISappears...

The only way to get horizontal scroll bar visibly back is to adjust the vertical scroll bar! Thoughts welcome (if anyone tells me I'm missing something here so obvious I'm going to hadoken myself! That would be embarrassing if I point out an error since I already have the feeling there's always more to things than I see!)

2. In MAME32 is there a way to copy game name to clipboard?
- Would be so handy to have 'copy' on right click.... or even in 'properties' to have the tab of detail allow mouse clicking inside the name to copy at least that way... forgive me if I miss the obvious - I would anyway think it's a good idea for properties to always be copyable for such things as personal naming of folders or sharing problems on forum...

3. Multi-player Internet working well in 2018 ? Opinions welcome...
How is it for you? Saw a Kaillera post that said people did it different ways with different DLL's etc but instead of trying (and not being desperate to disappoint myself) it would be good to know yes or no... and any solid opinion / experience on it.
I've paged through the 18pages currently on the forum and not much in the titles about it (or it's evolved quickly and not up to date info as far as I humbly can see)

4. Suggestions for good ROM sites WITH reviews / comments / community
And as standard a few screenshots etc [and no dead / removed links]

Note 1: Where for example is the best place for animated gifs sprites etc.... (again PM me as it might be seen as advertising)

Note 2: Ok I found some sites I might recommend (no personal affiliation) but would like to ask if it's considered not great to advertise / share this? I wouldn't even mind having a "TOP" list or page that someone can moderate. I can see reasons for both sides for and against... for now I'm not mentioning where / what...

Note 3: Maybe you can PM me also you personal links (again not publicly replying) or your nostalgia story pages or some good places in general - from the point of view growing up or something I can read - I'm not Youtub?r so no links there please only more personal small blog pages I think [and also not just old / generic / standard repositories unless they really have something, brang/bring things together well / are worthy / had/have community]

5. Samples - for whoever wants to explain it I give them opportunity here
(I have many other things on my list to search and complete so I think it's a good chance for those motivated to mention how it is with Samples which I can read in between personal 'work').

Note 1: Back in the day you had 'Sound Boards' like for The Simpsons TV show or sound fx in general... something quick and fun and also quite practical as sound making goes. Is there such an program or trigger for ROM samples and sounds / music codes etc... some games I wouldn't play much but the music quite awesome / nostalgic or or FX worthy of appreciation / play. I wonder how thing evolved and offer you the chance to say :)

Note 2: I'm into physical training so can use them for my BG music during training!
If you recommend some (like Contra 1st level) then let me know...
Some way without loading game... or different interface I may have missed. I'm coming back since a while you see?
Something easy to listen as mp3 or standard format(s) and even practical?


I found extra / uneeded files/roms/folders inside some of my game ZIP files, a handful contained parent data after I looked at the parent ZIP file and compared so I deleted them from the variant ZIP file.

My ZIP files didn't have just the variant file with a or j on the end [for Asia or Japan variant] but also parent or other accidental data like a recent drag and drop of another ROM (It was the Simpson ROM files I was moving! DOH!)....

TIP1: check your ZIP size to see if the variant ZIP has a similar file size as the parent - if so, this is a sure sign (as it seems to me right now) that it has duplicate files inside (e.g. if both at 20mb then it's likely to be not right somehow)

Probably back in the day when one [I/we] didn't know as surely which file was for which variant or parent game, people added and used different files inside ZIPS. I know this is more likely effective for with older collections or personally edited zips back in the day - it's also nice to see the different names of rom sets of the games we play like a 'behind the scenes' / under the hood manual insight)

Result: When I stripped a few ZIPS of extra stuff, the variants were always are tiny in size (more towards KB's than megabytes) and MAME seems to already uses parent data so it's duplicate in my eyes....

...hope I'm right :> I did check by running all of the games and variants making sure no error boxes came up saying missing roms etc. If I'm wrong in my checking or wrong deleting the data for something in the future then let me know before I empty my recycle bin!

I've got lots of time so I offer it in almost any context to anyone here - at least just to see what you need / ask for or can offer me. I'll take what's more mutual but will consider anything. I don't want to be a consumer of money so that should set the tone that I do what I like and see the future about what I have passion and motivation for... maybe I could do some kind of nostalgia writing - but where to put it... here? somewhere? Not sure if I'm serious about it but for now I could imagine easily offering some quick-crap graphics / cut ups / mash-ups that might give some value and free time for project workers / individuals if it's not too professional and can give me something to do while you can pick the best of what I return... oh yeah I can forward a link to the crap-GFX I mean - I also like to do diagrams or explanations mixing screenshots and text... something along those lines

Greetings and thanks !
FBA Discussion / Re: What are you playing?
« Last post by palm2face on July 29, 2018, 11:04:33 am »
+ off-topic things moved to

GAME 1. Street Fighter II (+ many bootleg versions/variants).

All of them played briefly to find what the hack or glitchyness is. Nice surprises.

Note 1: I like best the "Championship Edition..." (also known as Black Belt Edition sometimes I think), why I like this series / bootlegs?.... they keep the original basic punch kick versions of SF series and have a few twists. My best so far is:

- SF YYC bootleg []
for the wide low dragon punches hitting as dragon punch comes down it seems sometimes

- SF Rainbow Edition []
for slow fireballs, fast hurricane kicks, fireballs with every special move, chaos!

Note 2: SF Fun Screenshot - see attached screenshot for fun circumstance captured - I get player 2 with a fireball after I've died (it was done by sending fireballs from both directions - greatgreat fun (throw a fireball, zoom to other side of the screen using Hurricane kick and throw more fireballs from facing the other direction - I didn't plan to die but was fun for me seeing the other player get hit after I died in the same place I fell!)

Note 3: I had ROMS for FB v0.113 and earlier!!! Had to replace a few (were wrong or for early Final Burn emulator / updated etc). Mainstream versions of Street Fighter II are fun too but I'm more checking the old roms now...

GAME 2. Super Puzzle Fighters II Turbo [SPF2T.ZIP]

Simple game to play, maybe hard to master or there is more to it... I never was taught or bothered researching but maybe there's some hidden tips and tricks more than just chaining combos of colours all at once?

Note 1 In future I could read a tutorial (or take a suggestion from community member) to see if there are things the arcade doesn't mention / hint already (the only obvious thing is the player select shows the characters strength or preferred way of combo chains - vertical, horizontal combinations for each character)

Note 2: AMAZING --> No "Street Fighter" in the name ... crazy no? Super Puzzle Fighters II Turbo....
I thought I was going crazy using the search... as I knew I had it and 'wasn't coming up in the search' which I'm learning not to take at face value doing these things 0 eventually just typed puzzle to find it in the list! Any thoughts why not mention of SF exactly even if they bought rights or something (it's clearly SF is it not?)

Note 3: SPF2TA.ZIP (ASIA) allows 1 credit for two players together! What a novel idea :)
I couldn't think of a word better than novel... suggestions welcome :)

GAME 3. Pacman - [ / PACPLUS.ZIP [B&W VERSION] /
I had these and tested them - I must have kept them as I liked them and are pretty solid as a super-minimal simple game and even nerve racking at times... which I really like! Chomp Chomp.

Note 1: The PacMania seems 'unresponsive' or I mean I have to hold the direction on the keyboard to make sure Pacman goes there... more specifically I mean that playing the older PACPLUS.ZIP you press direction (like up) well before any turn and it seems to save the input and turn at the next available point. Pacman goes up long after you press the direction. PacMania more needs pressing exactly at the corner or holding NOT saving input before... It's a shame as I like the 3D / Mania version of Pacman but and may I'm simply used to planning well with keyboard input much before turns!... Yeah I tested it again and holding down a direction is recommended otherwise one can often and easily miss a turn (which is quite important for this game!)

Yours truly Ken,
I mean Ryu, or sometimes Guile...
even EX Plus Chun-Li
or standard Zangief on my best days


Thanks (if only gaming paid eh? ...well that's the problem with money, it assumes people want to be paid or measured in such ways... as consumers... at least people could give us the credit and food for playing and making all these things  :) Keeping the vibe alive is worth our efforts!)

Ok off to training ...(again - the 2nd day I'm working out while editing all the ideas and taking a break by training!)

Personal Pictures: If there is a place on the forum for putting more personal photos (not too personal) let me know - not cosplay tho!...?... but seeing some cosplay sites years before did swing me on how cool it is to be your character or player, but maybe I'm the real training type, in the training hall and working out - that might be my cosplay!)
Could put it as my avatar?... done
FBA Discussion / Sound / Music Codes on or off (SFX only / Music only)
« Last post by palm2face on July 29, 2018, 10:22:51 am »
Hi this is for FBA but also MAME (if it has the feature as easy as FBA)

In the OLD version (attached picture) you could easily click to have sound FX only or music only.
Is this in the new version of FBA (and can MAME do it)

It was really cool to have it without going to a menu (FBA 0.113 had it directly clickable and you could hide the panel you see by pressing ESC - awesome :) ... yeah I know I sound like a kid - and I hope it's still accessible in similar way (cool for just playing the music or listening to the SFX to get the audio joy into the ears)

Thanks for everything also - I'm coming back (well just popping in) after playing the ROMS almost 20 years ago! the date on my old ROMs don't lie! (I remember copying them from a friend...)
FBA Development / Re: FB Alpha Bug Reports
« Last post by Neildark on July 26, 2018, 09:49:48 am »
Bug Sound Cabal (World, Joystick)
Hello good, today I was playing the game in the FBA and used to do it in MAME I have detected that the sound is not the same: tank explosions, aircraft and houses collapse are much higher than the other FX and it is like reverberating, it is a bit annoying. If you can take a look at comparing the first level in both emulators, you can see it right away. A greeting!
FBA Development / Re: FB Alpha Bug Reports
« Last post by Gab75 on July 26, 2018, 12:54:04 am »
A big thanks you to dink... other fixes to translucent effects in Wizard Fire! The maps at the beginning of each level and the spider demon (the middle boss of level 5)...  :wink:
FBA Development / Re: FB Alpha Bug Reports
« Last post by dink on July 25, 2018, 10:08:20 am »
Thanks, that ione was actually fixed not too long ago :)
check your pm's


Hi guys, I also wanted to report some problems with the kof2002 hacks, I know it does not matter much, but if you want to take a look, I checked and the romset is correct:

Greetings to all.

Kof2002 (hack omg) Error: FB Alpha Warning: ?There Was a problem Starting Kof2002 (hack omg)?
Kof2002 (Omega v0.8 Error: Guru meditation
Kof2002 (Omega v0.9 beta) Error: FB Alpha Warning: ?There Was a problem Starting Kof2002 (Omega v0.9 beta)?
Kof2002 (Omega v0.9) Error: FB Alpha Warning: ?There Was a problem Starting Kof2002 (Omega v0.9)?
The King of Fighters 10th Anniversary (bootleg)  Error: Guru meditation
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