Author Topic: dink's FBA Development & Fixes thread  (Read 178752 times)

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Re: dink's FBA Development & Fixes thread
« Reply #1470 on: May 31, 2018, 01:53:56 am »
After what was one of the weirest week-long debugging sessions I've ever had, d_raiden2 (raiden2,dx,zeroteam,etc) and d_dynduke are now working on big endian systems.  (wii-u, xbox360, ps, etc)
Thanks again ;p.

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Re: dink's FBA Development & Fixes thread
« Reply #1471 on: June 03, 2018, 08:40:00 am »
On Genre filters and such

1: added 3 new filters - Action (classic), Run 'n Gun and Strategy
Action is basically for classic games that don't fit any regular genre - such as Qbert, Food Fight, Cheeky Mouse, Dock Man, etc.
Run 'n Gun for anything in the style of Contra, Ikari Warriors, Metal Slug
Strategy - well, there's only really 1 arcade strategy game I know of that we support, "Command War" on Taito F3...But there are several in the consoles, so it will be there for when we finally genre-ize them.

2: fixed the genre filters to be inclusive instead of exclusive, this way a game can have more than 1 genre, and the game will show up in each genre's section when the filters are used.  For example, Bump 'n Jump is racing and action.  or the "20th Annaversary MS Pacman/Galaga" can be in both maze and shooter sections.

3: went through every arcade game and verified the genre - this took a couple days...

As a bonus, all the Run 'n Gun games in the Megadrive section got categorized.  I set a goal to have the rest of the console games categorized by 2024.

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- dink