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Re: FB Alpha Bug Reports
« Reply #930 on: May 14, 2018, 10:36:00 pm »
Try using a real version of Arkanoid (arkanoid, arkanoidj, arkanoidu, arkatour), those are the only ones I worked on.  I'll check out the bootlegs though.  the bootlegs with mcu should be ok.

edit: later that day... fixed the issue with no-mcu bootlegs. 

Glad ya worked out the gberet issue :)

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I must be cursed or something with arkanoids, i picked a random version (arkgcbl), and ended up with the same "bad hardware" screen i had with arkatour on .42, except i get it later (after intro).

On a sidenote, the gberet issue was fixed (basically, the timings i computed for the libretro api were wrong because nBurnSoundRate/1000 was greater than nBurnFPS/100).
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