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I thought of posting in the requests thread but it seems nobody is paying attention to it. Is there somewhere I can find a collection of all the cheat files? The most updated collection I found is from 2002 and I know there has to be a better option somewhere. Any help would be appreciated.

The latest one that works with FBA is from 2009, and its pretty complete :)
Get the chat.dat file from Pugsy's MAME Cheats page: - you'll want to get this one: "Cheat File for MAME 0.126 (Release Date: 31th March 2009)"

Just unpack and put in support/cheats/

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- dink

up ^^

No updates cheats for a long time, unfortunately.

You think it is possible to allow fba to be compatible with the latest cheat mame (xml format)? (or create a mame converter xml to fba).

That's a feature I was working on at one point. The cheat system will have to have extensive changes to support it though.


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