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OOParts, Success unreleased game dumped

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This one is flying around the web these days:

OOParts from Success on Sega System C-2 (year: early 90's?).

Works in Mame renamed as tantr.

Nice breakout game with a pinball twist (you can bump on the sides of the screen to change the ball's course).
Great graphics and music, seems complete.

The rom is avaliable on guru's page.
It is a prototype Arkanoid rip-off made by Success.

It's a decent wee game if you like the genre as i do, just a heads up though if you launch it via tantr
you wont be able to use the fire button which is for the powerups, you'd be better to try and boot it
via another Sega C2 game which has at least two input buttons.

Released on hbmame.  :cool:


--- Quote from: Joaquim2020 on January 27, 2021, 05:28:41 AM ---Released on hbmame.  :cool:

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Added second input


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