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How would I request to game to be added to FBNeo, if possible?

I used to play Cyberball 2072 (2 player) and Tournament Cyberball 2072 (4 player) in the arcades. I know this is supported in Mame, but I would very much prefer to play this on FBNeo - specifically in Fightcade.

If you respect our work, please don't use fightcade, they are breaking our license.
We'll likely add support for more atari games in the near future, including this one, but that will be at our own convenience since we don't accept requests.

Thanks for letting me know. I had no idea they were breaking your license.


--- Quote from: Starfire on September 21, 2021, 05:10:19 AM ---Thanks for letting me know. I had no idea they were breaking your license.

--- End quote ---

Also note that, afaik, they are still using a FBNeo version from 2019, meaning they are very far behind in terms of fixes and new supported games, so even when we'll add support for cyberball, the likeliness of seeing it in fightcade anytime soon is very low.

Gotta admit however, Fightcade is a really interesting idea. I can't think of any other way to play multiplayer arcade games online. Especially in times like these where we're isolated and stuck at home.


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