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--- Quote from: Starfire on September 28, 2021, 04:52:17 AM ---Gotta admit however, Fightcade is a really interesting idea. I can't think of any other way to play multiplayer arcade games online. Especially in times like these where we're isolated and stuck at home.

--- End quote ---

There are other ways to play FBNeo online : kaillera, parsec, retroarch, ... The only reason FC is popular is because there is already a community of players.

To be completely honest here,
Fightcade has a really nice connectivity/online protocol (GGPO), probably the best & most lag-free I'd ever seen/used.
Maybe some day it'd be a good idea to figure it out and support GGPO.

best regards,
- dink

RetroArch also has a ggpo-based netplay feature, but i believe it's not nearly as popular as FC. So imho this is mostly about the size of the community, online games can only be popular as long as there are other players online.

What would probably be needed for native ggpo support :
- peerless savestates => should be ok
- implementing the ggpo library
- some kind of tracker to keep track of current online game sessions
- some ui to list and join those online game sessions


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