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Interleaving CPS2 graphic files


Hi all.

By following the guide from this link i was able to write a very simple application in C that interleaves and deinterleaves the CPS2 graphic files so i can hack the tiles for a romhack.

The problem is, that method only works for 16x16 tiles, and i really needed to change 32x32 too (i.e. SCROLL3 - backgrounds).
Does anyone here know which additional steps do i have to make to interleave for 32x32? I took a look at the FB neo source (more specifically, /src/burn/drv/capcom/cps.cpp) and noticed the interleaving functions, but i didnt saw any treatment specific for 32x32 tiles. What am i missing?

I hope this helps. ^^

So i got a little side tracked from what you asked. I made a c program that converts ss2t's graphics (32x32) into a standard bitmap (16 color [huge]) and one that converts it back into the standard rom format. I'll take a look at making with work with the program we talked about in a day or two.

Here's another revision:
The same program converts the roms to and from bitmap format.
It can output a bitmap for 16x16 and 32x32 tiles
Configurable palette for bitmaps (user_palette.txt)
Configurable input files (txt files containing which roms to load and how to load them).
Lots of sanity checks.
Run the program from command line to see how to use it.

to do:
   cps-1 support


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