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Title: FB alpha SDL linux port
Post by: milkkart on February 08, 2011, 11:00:46 PM
hi, im trying to get FBa working on linux. tried FBa for linux from fblinux.emuunlim.com and managed to get it to compile but it just throws out bzip errors even when i have roms in the right place.
got the SDL version, it compiled alright (lots of depreciated conversion errors but its old code) but when i run it it just spits out a couple of lines about SDL sound the does nothing no and i have to hit ctrl-c a couple times to kill it.
Code: [Select]
./fbasdld street fighter 2
SDLSoundInit (22050Hz).SDL callback set

so is it doing that because i screwed up building it or because im giving it the wrong command? anyone know the correct prarameters for it?

btw if anyone is still working on a linux port or wants to id be happy to help. my C/C++ skills suck but i've got plenty of time and lots of different hardware to test on.