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New forums sections!
« on: December 07, 2010, 12:51:03 PM »
I just opened a new forum category with 2 forums.

- SONY PlayStation 3 Scene -
- Nintendo Wii Scene -

I have moved some post I made in the news section over the PS3 Scene section, and will keep posting more content soon! ^^

Rules are the same as always, so in other words:

- No ilegal stuff (like Gamez, Warez, etc, there is enough at other places, there is no need to get our hands dirty here at NeoSource)
- No offending
- No spamming
- No pets (lol)
- No religion talk
- No politics
- No ROMS / No ROMS requests / No ROMS linking (like I said before, no need to have any of these here at NeoSource)
- No content that infringes copyright

I will probably start writing a few tutorials based on my experience with Wii modding and PS3 Jailbreaking, so those who want to make some interesting stuff with their consoles like, developing legal homebrew, emulators, etc for one of the mentioned consoles can start exploring! ^^

Hope everyone have fun with the new sections :), If anyone has a recommendation or opinion feel free to post it ^^