Author Topic: ClrMamePro updated to 3.63  (Read 17327 times)

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ClrMamePro updated to 3.63
« on: March 01, 2005, 05:18:07 PM »
ClrMamePro 3.63 (28-Feb-2005)

    * fixed: broken rebuilder

    * fixed: zipclasslibrary had an unhandled exception when using illegal dates
    * fixed: batchrun seconds values are saved correctly
    * fixed: profiler doesn't allow changes to the exefilename or dat/exetype
    * fixed: "move to parent/clone" detection/output issues
    * fixed: backuperror appears if zip_addfiles functions contain a wrong filelist
    * added: batchrun->fix all/disable all fixes

    * added: a little new toy...not documented's highly wip...and you use it on your very own risk. Only for people who use more than one profile ;) ...not that hard to find ;)
    * misc: settings-sets->select sets can use variables %m, %d, %s, %y and %b now. (manufacturer, description, sourcefile, year and bios) For example to only enable "Capcom" and sets from the years 2000-2009 sets you can enter: %m=*capcom*; %y=200*. The ";" here isn't a boolean AND, in fact it's an OR ;) Not Capcom games from 2000+, but all kind of sets from 2000+ and capcom sets (from any year) are selected.
    * misc: compiled with updated zipclass library (includes zlib 1.2.2)
    * misc: chd verify progress shows setname + chdfilename instead of full pathname.
    * misc: settings->remove removes all listed paths if you selected the root item
    * misc: dir2dat warns if the dat should be created in a non-existing folder
    * misc: removed fixdats restrictions (except remove-rebuilt-sourcefile)
    * misc: export dat exports biosyear and sourcefile tags, too
    * fixed: some errors can appear when you're using relative rompaths