Author Topic: Wow...just discovered how awesome the blitters and effects are!  (Read 7206 times)

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 I've been using FBA for quite some time now. But only now have I just started to play around with the different blitters and effects. Was messing around with the scanlines, and phospher, and 3D projection options, and managed to get the games' image to look almost IDENTICAL to the way I remember it looking on the old standard res CRT RGB arcade monitors I used to play on back in the day. And guess what....this is on a 110" DLP front projector!! Never thought I'd be able to give 2D games the old classic CRT look on this giant screen, but these effeects in FBA make it possible. Great job guys!

Anyone know if mame or ZSNES can do 3D projection, phospher, and these kind of scaline effects?

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