Author Topic: Is it possible to minimize or make 'Scanning roms' dialog work in background ?  (Read 596 times)

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Hi there :cool:

I update my FBNeo collection ever so often due to sheer amount of awesome stuff added constantly  :biggrin:

Naturally rom scanning process takes some time (for thousands of games supported it's more than acceptable)  ;p

But while rom scanning is in process , the dialog remains on the center of the screen no matter what , it even on top of any application , making it a bit hard to use other software or browse the net while waiting process to finish  :rolleyes:

Would it be possible to make it minimizable ,or allow other software to be displayed upon it , maybe ?

Thanks for this excellent emulator , keep up the great work  :smilie:

Best regards ,

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that, of course, is a great idea.  I've tried to do this a few times over the years but ended up unsuccessful.  So, I'll make a generic call for help:

If there is someone reading this with Win UI experience that can help with this, the source files in question are:
src\burner\win32\roms.cpp - FBADialogBox() in CreateROMInfo()
src\burner\win32\localise.cpp - home of FBADialogBox()

project page:

best regards,
- dink