Author Topic: 2xSAI & SuperEAGLE etc... & Default Bios selection...  (Read 2610 times)

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2xSAI & SuperEAGLE etc... & Default Bios selection...
« on: June 13, 2005, 08:01:29 AM »
Simple question, probably not too simple an answer.

How would I go about adding all the various blitters / screen filters I've seen in different compilations of MAME, and other emulation programs?  Like Kscale (especially) 2xSai/Super2xSai/SuperEagle.  Also looking to find where to set an option for default BIOS to be selected, via the "default game options... > miscellaneous" or whichever tab there.

I've just begun to search for how to do this, if I find it somewhere else I'll post it here for any more curious minds as well.  If I don't get any replies by the time I can find the information anyway :).