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--- Quote from: dink on July 01, 2021, 11:58:18 PM ---Cheats are by no means perfect; sometimes you need to disable them before boss and cutscenes, It really depends on the game and cheat.
In Victory Road I found that the "always have armour" cheat causes the green portals to dysfunction, so make sure you turn it off before walking over a portal (the green mirror slab thing).  If you play the game without the cheat: notice that the player sheds his armor when entering a portal - probably so they didn't have to use extra sprite tiles for the entering portal sprites w/armor.  With the cheat active, the game is probably stuck trying to get him to shed the armor, so the portal process can't begin.

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- dink

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Thank you for chiming in. In my case though, I'm only using the weapon select cheat (flamethrower/red grenades). Nothing else. Is there anything else I should look into?

Oh, turn the grenades off for that part :)

Can I get a cheat for Hot Chase that stops the clock?

Sure, unzip this in support/cheats and use the Infinite Time option :)

p.s. this is Pugsy's cheat.dat for mame 0.126 w/some modifications/additions from me, the Hot Chase cheat is Pugsy's

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- dink


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