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Dodonpachi daioujou (ddpdoj) english cheat file .ini



i've been searching for the .ini version of the cheat for and i can't seem to find it anywhere (i actually found a version but it is chinese is litterally unreadable).

I am playing this game on my android, but there is only one credit i can use and i'd be cool if the cheat would give me infinite lives or free play or anyrhing like that  ( i read that the 1 credit limitation is activated by default in the game service but i can't acces Dip Switches in the only emulator that plays the game -  Fba4Droid).

Thank you !

The windows FBA supports Puggsy's cheat.dat, you might want to give it a try as it might work with the android version as well:

I will give it a shot. Thank you very much!


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