Author Topic: Support for HACK*MATCH  (Read 13051 times)

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Support for HACK*MATCH
« on: February 15, 2022, 04:08:30 PM »
Zachtronics released a sick puzzle game awhile ago; it's a homebrew NES title that you can find here: . I'd love to get support so I can get a lobby going on Fightcade and enjoy it online with friends.

In order to gift a copy of the game to somebody, say, somebody working on FBNEO, I just need an email address and then I'll happily buy a copy through Itch so you can support/add it, if that's feasible.


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Re: Support for HACK*MATCH
« Reply #1 on: February 27, 2022, 01:20:33 AM »
check pm?