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possible new fba EXTRA and solution to fatal fury 2

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here is what i think, i had a look to all my bios collection and i read that

What is it?
The Genie is a replacement Neo-Geo.rom (bios)
It can cheat all existing games via a code.
It runs *ONLY* with NeoRage 0.2C or higher (not 0.2B !)
All you need can be found here at ROMLIST
Anyone who is familiar with the Game Wizard for DOS or other such
memory editors will be familiar with this concept.
How do I install it?
Copy the following files to the directory where NeoRage and your Game directories are located:

Very interesting ;)  I'll see if I can get this bios into fba.

here is the list of kiwi neo genie bios:

description "Neo Geo Genie v0.004"
name ks_004.rom size 131072 crc 0x0ff83422

description "Neo Geo Genie v0.005"
name ks_005.rom size 131072 crc 0xdc9edbfe

description "Neo Geo Genie v0.005b"
 name ks_005b.rom size 131072 crc 0xce60515f

description "Neo Geo Genie v0.020"
name ks_020.rom size 131072 crc 0x6fd2642d

description "Neo Geo Genie v0.30"
name ks_030.rom size 131072 crc 0x81b29224

description "Neo Geo Genie v0.40"
name ks_040.rom size 131072 crc 0x429c5de4

description "Neo Geo Genie v0.45"
name ks_045.rom size 131072 crc 0x015e77bf

for last versions also this file is used (but this may change is the cheat database)
name genie.gdb size 6090 crc 0xb13c9933

but remember "F12" must be free of any function

Death Metal:

--- Quote from: KaNyErO ---but remember "F12" must be free of any function
--- End quote ---

Don't worry about that. Actually, if you were to change F12's functionality, you could as well leave it as is and logically assign any other key to call the menu or whatever. ;)

if im not mistaken, there is a newer ksng rom:
description "Neo Geo Genie v0.46"
name ks_046.rom size 131072 crc 0x18dacf2b


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