Author Topic: For ArcadeUI 0.221 - How to move all the images are only Arcade.  (Read 11046 times)

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I use excell to at least remove 33000 snaps to have only the arcade versions. It will save you 1.70gb of size or even more for each image you put it on.

Only for ArcadeUI 0.221, after that you just simply manually added the future updates.

Go to

Download all the packages update. Example "Titles".

Extract them in one folder "Titles" and update one by one.

Move it in to the C:/

Edit the bat.

Go to Edit, Substitute for example "snap" folder in to "Titles" all of them, save it.

Create a folder called "New"

Open the Bat.

And you are done.

Enjoy.  :cool:

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