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I finally found the origin from this game


Founded last year 07 September of 2019 and i post it on PD.

I just found one game for PC and it shows the exactly game i saw then i was a kid, in one arcade machine but... the background was all black, appears ryu vs ken.

And i think the real name was Fighter King, but without the 2002 in.

In that age i was 5 years old in 1991.

If you know about this, and you see any arcade similiar like this, just look after it, it's very similiar to King of Football by BMC on MAME.

Original Name: 功夫扑克2002

Found more info: It's from IAM - International Amusement Machine Co. Ltd.

More details: The game called Genius 6 (V110F) have the same music from this game.

Here's some screenshots.

And then later.... hmueck send me this:

And i found more...

Kung Fu Poker 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Later was Lady Kung Fu and Heroes.

I think the first one was the original one i saw in 1991.

And later again i found a nother video:

So i hope MAME implemented this in the future from, IAM GAME team from Taiwan...
What a Classic. I don?t know if a few guys here know this releases around those decades.

Cheers.  :biggrin:

More info from a nother game version.  :eek:


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