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Someone have it on youtube before, the rom as been removed later in the Neo-Geo Fans from France, i hope we find a legit copy of it.

I like a good challenge but here we have a stand still, maybe as time goes on somebody will dump the ngcd version as I doubt hes making any money from it, it's 10 years ago now.

Found his site and ran it through

Sadly and

Was never archived, but that's the filenames people should be looking for

There's also his demo for Time's Up

And some other stuff worth saving

I got them all, less NeoPang, and i just realize that link on NeoPang without wayback machine, it asks name and password.  :eek:  :confused:

And check the links throw here using -

The official dev, doesn?t have anymore. It was trying to get it and it's gone.
Someone who bought the game or have the file need to share it.

I got the file.  :smilie:

Sorry wrong rom, i read it wrong is neo pong. :(


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