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Look for the way to prep XOR "Rockman: The Power Battle (CPS2, Japan 950922)"


Hi Everyone.

As the subject, I am looking for the way to make/generate the XOR file of "Rockman: The Power Battle (CPS2, Japan 950922)".

Of course I am understanding that to decrypt CPS2 encryption with the XOR is absolutely legacy. But it is still important way since I am still using the MS-DOS port MAME. Even nowadays, this way has still advantage regarding fast controller's response and fluent frame animation, I believe.

At this weekend, I tried to generate the XOR file for "Rockman: The Power Battle (CPS2, Japan 950922)" but I am still struggle with this.

- 1st of all, I tried to the way to add the code which is able to generate the CPS2 XOR based on the article at this forum "FBA port of Nicola's CPS2 decryption code -". However I could not prepare the build system of the previous build of FBA and I could not recognized which FBA build could accept such code...

-I am recognizing that FBA Evolution 3.04 can be generate XORs. Actually I had generated a few title's XOR(those had not released XORs from CPS2Shock) via this emulator. However, unfortunately  this emulator does not support the title ("Rockman: The Power Battle (CPS2, Japan 950922)".

-I also tried to prepared the decrypted  romset of this title (I generated decrypted rcmj.03a and rcmj.04j using Yumeji's tool). At attempt to run this romset at MAME0.106 DOS, MAME could run the program code and play opening sound of this title but graphic has a lot of glitches. I am not sure the root cause...

If there was the XOR of this title, DOS MAME can be support to run this title less than 30 minutes (including compile time) at my owned system. But I couldn't achieve since I could not the clarified the way to generate..If there was kindness man at this forum, any comments would be helpful for me. Thank you for reading of this post. Also please delete it if this post is not suitable.

Best regards.

Hi all,

Finally, I have successed merge cps2crpt.c that has been included the source code of Thunder MAME 106X, into the my 106DOS source code.
It just means, Currently, all CPS2 titles (including "Rockman: The Power Battle (CPS2, Japan 950922)") can be running at own DOSMAME.

I'll share the actual source code including the binary as follow. Any ROM image is not included.

Best regards.


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