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Street Figher 3 3rd Strike - mono only


I'm running an RGBPI on my Blast City. It's using FBNeo on a Pi 3b+ (it's not the fastest emulation, but it's playable). The rom only plays in mono. I've set retroarch to stereo, and all other CPS2 Street Fighter games play in stereo. I can't figure out how to get stereo working for this particular rom ( I've tried downloading other roms, but none of them will even load. I've attached the contents of the rom here. If anyone knows how I can get this accomplished I would really appreciate it!

Go into service mode with F2, and select "7. Configuration", then select "1. System", from there, change sound mode (option 6) to External.
Then follow the on-screen instructions to save & exit to game mode

best regards,
- dink

rock and roll! thank you so much! Fixed it :) :smilie:


--- Quote from: expbaby on November 18, 2022, 10:57:25 AM --- on a Pi 3b+ (it's not the fastest emulation, but it's playable)

--- End quote ---

You should definitely update your emulator, up-to-date FBNeo would be faster on cps3 emulation (i found a nice speedhack sometime last year)

excellent :)


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