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Re: FB Neo Bugs Reports
« Reply #900 on: August 12, 2022, 02:39:22 AM »
Can you please tell me exactly how - like, the easiest way to tell the differences?  I loaded up loht and lohtj with mame and played the games side-by-side and couldn't notice a difference.  Once I can do this, I will be able to look into the problem in fbneo :)

I must admit it's not easy to see if you're lambda Tonma player. All the differences during the first 4 stages are very subtles.
In stage 1, the respawn vampire enemies is higher in world version (maybe 20/30% faster than the jap version)
In stage 2, at start, all the first enemies shoot at you quicker and their bullets are faster. The boss shoot also more bullets.
In stage 3 & 4, there are little more enemies but it's not easy to see. (both boss seems to have identical pattern)
In stage 5, enemies (blue soldiers) respawn much more faster and they're more resistant (boss have identical pattern)
In stage 6, there are more ghosts and flying skeletons. The boss pattern is more difficult. You can easly see it.
In Final boss stage 7, There are 3 big birds (for every pattern) in world revision while there are only 2 in Japan version.
I will try to study other differences between both version.
I share here 2 run on both version with mame (INP file to playback) to help you. I can made video if you want ?
Thanks & best regards !!
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Re: FB Neo Bugs Reports
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Yes, I did, thank you!
I just thought it'd be bad to spam thank you comments every time (and so I just use that "applaud" link thing thinking maybe you get a notification or something), but I am grateful for all of your work.

Thanks for your feedback & bug reports!
Feedback is very motivating, keep in mind :)
(The applaud link just adds a point to my karma-counter, nothing else)

best regards,
- dink