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Bad Dude:
I did it! My gaming quest is over... There is no other game that I have such a claim. Thanks for FBN team to make this great emulator. Tiger Uppercut as final blow!

Wow, it's been a while!
I don't usually have time for games any more, but, the other day I was going through a few homebrew's on NES and I found...

Bobby Six Seven - The Time Traveling Detective

The gameplay is really simple - just run and shoot, then there's a boss fight at the end of level.
The reason I played to the end is the funny story that the police sheriff-guy tells at the end each level.

Be sure to catch that silly intro, where the fish guy is running in traffic, it's part of the story :)

best regards,
- dink

Heavy Barrel,
This game is super-bad-ass.  an all-time favorite for me.  Got to the end-boss without dieing, and then lost 2 lives because I forgot how to defeat him.  In the end I made it to the end.  Good time!

Black Widow,
Made it to level 50.  I like how the game introduces new enemies further into the game - like the "Grenade bugs" and the bugs that split into 3 little dive-bomber bugs.  After level 40, the game ramps up difficulty level to "insane". 

best regards,
- dink


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