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Last Hope ... anyway ....


Hi Folks,

i love to play shoot em ups.
I play very often all the classic arcade shooter, modern shooter like s?ldner x a.s.o.
I really love Rafel Dyll Music like on S?ldner X or Last Hope. I would say i am a good
Shooter BUT !!!!!!!!!!!!! Last Hope is way to hardcore for me. I just can start the game
an survive round about 20 seconds..... is there any cheat for invincible or to restart
from the killpoint ? I would like to enjoy the music of the other stages and want to
learn to play that game ... but as i told before... it is f_king hardcore....

I play it on FBA

Very kind regards

Hi, I love shooters too, and to practice try the savestates feature.   For example, if you have extra buttons on your gamepad map them to "System Load State" and "System Save State".  Press save button after every successful enemy wave or every 10 seconds or so.  when dead, press load :)   Also can map "UNDO" incase you make a mistake and save after death, then load again.  On my Dualshock 3 controller I put loadstate to R1, save to L1, and undo to L2.
I like this method better than cheating, because you can practice and get very good at a game, and eventually not need to use them.

bye for now,
- dink

Hi there

thanx for this advice !!!
I would try it tomorrow. Normally i do not cheat but this is the first shooter which is
so hard for me. The Music is so awesome !!!

Great great Game Milestone

A "rewind" feature in fba standalone would be nice :), i know the guys at libretro use the savestates to achieve that, i don't know the details of the implementation though (i think they basically bump savestates to a buffer every X miliseconds, for the last Y seconds), i don't know if it helps but i think their code is kinda similar to what they use for netplay.

I know this is an old message, but the idea of ​​a rewind option for the FB Neo would be spectacular... :biggrin: :biggrin:


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