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Hello everyone, to see if anyone could help me. In the MAME .xml file there are some tricks for this game, specifically "Easy Moves" that do not appear in the FBNeo cheat .ini file, do you know how to add that cheat, or if there is any application to manage it?
Thank you very much to all. Greetings. :smilie:

PS: I attach the Mame xml file y FBNeo ini.

Hi Neildark,
Here's my cheat.dat, it contains the easy moves for ssf2t, but you have to select your character in the list for the easy moves you want.

best regards,
- dink

Thank you! You saved my life, I had a file of cheats but it was not as complete as yours. As always, a pleasure. :biggrin:

you're welcome - enjoy :)

Hi Dink, how are you, won't you by any chance also have a dat cheat for the Hyper Street Fighter II: The Anniversary Edition (hsf2) game that also has Easy Moves?


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