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If that result is what you are looking for, you can reach it pretty easily by disabling layer 1 & 2 in our UI

minor update here with some good news and some bad news

the good news is that the hack runs on real CPS3 hardware

the bad news is that the right side of the background tiles are not updating (see attached screenshot)

this behavior is different from what we observe when the hack is played in FBNeo, where the background tiles are drawn correctly

when I set widescreen to permanently on through modification of the binary, perhaps I only did it partially. there's also a chance that I need to update a routine to draw to that area.

it's important to me that this thing works on real hardware, so I'm going to tackle the issue eventually

bankbank, love what you're doing - keep it up :)
While I can't be much help with real hw, just wanted to say that the way it stops drawing tiles is a curiosity. 

good luck!
best regards,
- dink


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