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sf3:3rd strike widescreen

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I was able to enable widescreen 3S in current FBNeo by going into Map Game Inputs -> change region from 0x03 to 0x93.
so now I'm pretty confused, because I have a decrypted 3S BIOS, I have changed the region byte from 0x03 to 0x93, replace the BIOS file, load it in MAME, and it does not enable widescreen. it seems like there's something else I need to do to get it to take.

at https://github.com/finalburnneo/FBNeo/blob/4f18905a2f7cfe3b40a51454424ad86ddb2adebe/src/burn/drv/cps3/d_cps3.cpp#L1378
we can see
--- Code: ---cps3_region_address = 0x0001fec8
--- End code ---
but I think this is referring to a longword. looking at 1fec8 in MAME memory viewer we can see
--- Code: ---30 20 20 93
--- End code ---
(the 93 is set from my modded BIOS). so I think the byte for BIOS is at 0x1fecb. this is confirmed by inspecting MAME cheat .ini files - they are modifying 0x1fecb.

edit - goodies from barbudreadmon:


--- Quote ---so actually, it needs to be applied when the game is already running
--- End quote ---


--- Code: ---INT32 cps3Frame()
// feels a bit hacky, and sfiii2 can change mode without resetting through its service menu,
// so maybe there is a better way to do this ?
// sfiii3 got that mode too, but it's heavily glitched so let's keep it hidden -barbudreadmon
if ( cps3_region_address ) {
if ((cps3_dip&0x80) == 0x80 && (RomBios[cps3_region_address]&0x80) != 0x80) {
cps3_reset = 1;
RomBios[cps3_region_address] |= 0x80;
else if ((cps3_dip&0x80) != 0x80 && (RomBios[cps3_region_address]&0x80) == 0x80) {
cps3_reset = 1;
RomBios[cps3_region_address] &= ~0x80;
--- End code ---

I figured out the situation. I ran 2i wide and 2i vanilla and compared the eeprom. then I applied the two bytes that were changed in 2i wide to the 3s eeprom and voila! I was using BIOS which set region to 0x9y but not even sure if that was necessary or not.

so now I have 3s wide in mame and I can do my hacking, oh joy.

Pretty cool project, @bankbank. Liked so much :)
Is interesting to see that guard bars/avatars at the top got wider. Have you moved/edited them as well?


--- Quote from: KaaMoS on October 29, 2021, 04:06:27 PM ---Is interesting to see that guard bars/avatars at the top got wider. Have you moved/edited them as well?

--- End quote ---

hi KaaMoS. the screenshot you are referring to might be 2nd Impact, which has a built-in widescreen mode. I haven't changed anything in 3rd Strike yet. thanks for your enthusiasm!

bpset 611e016, 1, { r3 = 0xff; g}
this only works for the left side and it affects BOTH players, but making progress


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