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FBN Setup BIOS Problem

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I just downloaded the newest nightly build. When I try to run a Neo-GeoCD game, it's asking for these 2 files:

- neocd-unibios32.bin
- neocd-unibios33.bin

I've never needed these files before to play Neo-GeoCD games. I can't find these files anywhere. Would greatly appreciate any help to solve this issue.

Unibioses can be downloaded from their official website :
Those 2 bioses should be made optional, i'll add a flag for that.

Thank you.

When I change the BIOS from your link to "neocd-unibios33.bin" the error screen still asks for it. Also, I couldn't find 32.bin there.

I'm not sure i understand what you tried to do with that zip archive, but to clarify, the unibios it contains must be added to our neocdz romset.

As for the links :
- 3.3 is available from
- 3.2 is available from


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