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Street Fighter Zero 3 Mix 0.23

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Yes, sfzero3mix is a awesome game that many people should have the opportunity to play. The new mechanics are sensational, such as Daigo mode, life recovery, new custom combos, parry system, chain combos, etc. I'm looking forward to it being able to be played online one day, like on fightcade or another

Hi guys,
I will definitely try to get this in sometime!
though, I can't guarantee!

best regards,
- dink

You can ask any questions on Discord @Zero800.
I made the Mame driver myself by trial and error.  :wink:

I've got some tips from bankbank on where you could possibly increase the resolution on fbneo.

Problems to be solved.

1. Increasing the resolution to 416x234
2. Make the emulator use the extra graphics (gfx2.bin) when an unused bit is set.
3. Manage the .wav samples by making them play if there is one with the same ID as the song and mute the original cps2 audio when this happens.

I'd be cool if the author could make it so the new versions also work on actual CPS2 hardware.

It wouldn't work because I've inserted a lot of extra graphics that no longer fit in a standard cps2 rom.

That's the main reason I created a new driver that doubles the amount of graphics on the card.


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