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Not saving MSX options


I'm trying to play Jackie Chan In Spartan X, and for some reason the controls won't work unless I set the dipswitch option to "Map cursor keys to Joy#1". Which is fine, and the game can then be played, but even though it does save those options to the config file (see pic), the next time you load the game it just ignores the config file altogether and the option resets to Off. Is there anything else that could be interfering?

I already tried adding

fbneo-dipswitch-spartanx-Map_Cursor_Keys_to_Joy_#1 = "On"

to FinalBurn Neo.opt, but no change.

It might be that # is an illegal character for retroarch's core options. I'll do some tests and come up with a fix soon.

Edit: confirmed, the fix is on git

Cool :)


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