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Here are some cheats for Riding Hero (set 1 & set 2).
Thanks to Pugsy for all of the cheats except the AES fix one (that one's mine :D)

--- Code: ---ab86 move.b  D0, $200001.l
ab8c move.b  $10119d.l, D2
ab92 move.w  #$1000, D3
ab96 move.b  $300001.l, D0
ab9c tst.b   $10fd82.l <<<< the problem begins here
aba2 beq     abae <<<< Jumps to loop
aba6 btst    #$5, D0
abaa bne     abe0
abae move.b  $200000.l, D0 <<<< loops starting here
abb4 eor.b   D2, D0
abb6 btst    #$3, D0
abba bne     abc6
abbe dbra    D3, abae <<<< causes loop
abc0 dc.w    $ffee; opcode 1111
abc2 moveq   #-$1, D0
abc4 rts

--- End code ---

or if you don't like using cheats, you can use these patches, but they will cause incorrect CRCs in Uni-Bios.

For Riding Hero (set 1)
Neo68KROM[0xABA4] = 0x3C; // change beq

For Ridign Hero (set 2)
Neo68KROM[0xABDA] = 0x3C; // change beq

Hi iq_132 and thanks for your work!
Much appreciated.
I have exactly the same problem with ridhero so i downloaded your cheat files but the problem is that they are .ini and lf-fbneo in retropie with retroarch cant read it and the code for the cheats is completely different.
So is there a way to transform .ini into .cht?
Your .ini files are written as

--- Code: ---cheat "Fix AES mode"
default 1
0 "Disabled"
1 "Enabled", 0, 0x10fd82, 0x01

--- End code ---

BUT cheat files (.cht) in lr-fbneo in retropie are in this format (i take a cheat form metal slug for example):

--- Code: ---cheat0_address = "1200"
cheat0_address_bit_position = "255"
cheat0_big_endian = "false"
cheat0_cheat_type = "1"
cheat0_desc = "1p weapon select 0-4"
cheat0_enable = "false"
cheat0_handler = "1"
cheat0_memory_search_size = "3"
cheat0_rumble_port = "0"
cheat0_rumble_primary_duration = "0"
cheat0_rumble_primary_strength = "0"
cheat0_rumble_secondary_duration = "0"
cheat0_rumble_secondary_strength = "0"
cheat0_rumble_type = "0"
cheat0_rumble_value = "0"
cheat0_value = "4"
cheats = "1"

--- End code ---

i googled so much but i didnt find any way to convert your .ini code in the .cht code format.
Thaks for your help and your work

superdan, I've never seen this .cht format before, but I know this cheat.dat format works as I have several friends that use lr-fbneo and they use this.
Here's cheat.dat with the Fix AES Mode added:

best regards,
- dink

Ill try it and give you a feedback!

Hi Dink.
It does not work.
I put both ridhero.ini and cheat.dat in the folder cheat of my retropie setting /home/pi/Retropie/cheats
and i cant see nothing.
Only if i add a .cht file inside this directory i can see that file.
So i can see only .cht and no .ini or .dat file
retroarch -> Quick Menu -> Cheats -> Load Cheat File
even if they are present


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