Author Topic: Im brand new - lots of questions - please help !  (Read 2830 times)

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Im brand new - lots of questions - please help !
« on: July 04, 2008, 04:01:52 PM »
 Ok I just started last week using both FBA and MAME32 - I'll post my FBA questions on that board . Here are my MAME questions . btw I put a ton of different bios in the folder so I don't think thats the problem .

1) I can't get a few games to play at all - captian america and the avengers , ninja gaiden , popeye , real ghost busters , the simpsons , and double dragon . They all come up with the type ok screen , then the hit any key screen then it just clicks off - I have put a ton of different bios in the folder and audited all but they just shut off - btw Spiderman and mortal kombat 1 both run great . So what am I missing ?

2) 2 of my games run weird Altered beast will only turn into the beast from the first level and it has some weird thing above the game with the game name and a bunch of lines that are numbered . Super punchout has the same thing above the game but plays fine . Can I get rid of that screen ? Do I just have an old Altered Beast or are they all like that currently ?

3) I have been playing Spiderman and I took maybe 30 screen shots while playing but when I went to the screen shot folder there was only one 2 pics and im not sure those are even mine lol - Where did the other ones go ? - Do I need to change something to get them to save ?

4) Before I play spiderman the beginning screen says the video emulation is not 100% accurate is there something I can do to fix this ? lol

3) What are drivers ? I know what roms and bios are kinda , do you save and put drivers in roms folders like you do roms and bios ?
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