Author Topic: trouble with ADVMENU and ADVMESS...  (Read 3773 times)

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trouble with ADVMENU and ADVMESS...
« on: December 19, 2016, 09:48:46 AM »
ADVMENU cannot run any Sega Megadrive rom.
I set up all ADVMENU.rc file correctly but nothing works.
I also put some Sega Megadrive bios and rom in rom folder but i got no luck.

So can you tell me where is my mistake in ADVMENU.rc file here below ?:

emulator "MEGADRIVE" generic "advmess.exe"
emulator_roms "MEGADRIVE" "rom\megadrive\roms\"
emulator_altss "MEGADRIVE" "rom\megadrive\snap\"
emulator_roms_filter "MEGADRIVE" ".rar;.md;*.zip"