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Just a thread with some programs i've written for the benefit of all humanity (or just you guys :P)

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2003 "C" rom decrypter

You need these C roms:

5003-c1.bin 0x800000 0x68f54b67
5003-c2.bin 0x800000 0x2f8849d5
5003-c3.bin 0x800000 0xac4aff71
5003-c4.bin 0x800000 0xafef5d66
5003-c5.bin 0x800000 0xc7c1ae50
5003-c6.bin 0x800000 0x613197f9
5003-c7.bin 0x800000 0x64ddfe0f
5003-c8.bin 0x800000 0x917a1439

You should get these Cs:

5003-c1d.bin 0x800000 0x29fd9108
5003-c2d.bin 0x800000 0xf58d4d3e
5003-c3d.bin 0x800000 0x71b3172d
5003-c4d.bin 0x800000 0x564c70c1
5003-c5d.bin 0x800000 0x8ef8aef9
5003-c6d.bin 0x800000 0x8a0fd440
5003-c7d.bin 0x800000 0x6f1effab
5003-c8d.bin 0x800000 0x39550d3a

Here's a tool to encrypt/decrypt pnyaa, mslug4, and rotd's V roms
A simple command line replacement for that crappy v2v tool

How do you make this exes man? (for example the pcm2.exe) I'd like to make one for the s1 of cthd2003 super plus XD...
See ya!!!!!! :D

Here's my source for the neopcm2 program.  Feel free to use it in any way you wish.


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