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Here's one :)

--- Quote ---SVCCHAOS C decryption program by IQ_132 - http://neosource.1emu.net/
Some source from:
Halrin - http://www52.tok2.com/home/foge/
MAME - http://www.mame.net
FBA - http://fba.emuunlim.com

you should start with these Cs (from svcchaos)
269-c1.bin 32mb crc(1b608f9c)
269-c2.bin 32mb crc(5a95f294)

you should get these Cs (from svcnd)
269-c1d.bin 8mb crc(465d473b)
269-c2d.bin 8mb crc(3eb28f78)
269-c3d.bin 8mb crc(f4d4ab2b)
269-c4d.bin 8mb crc(a69d523a)
269-c5d.bin 8mb crc(ba2a7892)
269-c6d.bin 8mb crc(37371ca1)
269-c7d.bin 8mb crc(56ac5fb9)
269-c8d.bin 8mb crc(de99e613)

You should also get this completely decrypted and descrambled S rom
269-s1d.bin 512kb crc(772B18DC)
--- End quote ---

btw, source is included. ;)

thanks for the info on exe. build iq_132 :D

iq_132, the p_dec tool you posted a page back may (through no fault of your own) contain a bug in handling of 269-p1.bin.  i suspect this b/c it has given numerous different crc32 as output none of which were cited in the included text file :confused: could there be a problem w/ HalRIN's code?  off to do some testing - see what regions of 269-p1d.bin are affected.

[edit] ok, heres the skinny - the first 25165824 bytes in 269-p1d.bin contain no differences when compared to conflicting crc32 values.  the differences can be found in the remaining 8388608 bytes and amount to ~5,000,000+.  funky :p  could anyone post a fixed source even though this segment isn't usable?

arigato ;)

it would be interesting a S1 rom decrypter for all known bootlegs and original protections :D


--- Quote from: KaNyErO ---it would be interesting a S1 rom decrypter for all known bootlegs and original protections :D
--- End quote ---

Well, he's a quick, slapped-together version of an s decryption tool.
Some of the decryption methods may or may not be right (I donno, haven't tested them)

@hotaru -- I'll look into it right now.

What crc are you looking for hotaru??  The last chunk shouldn't be changed at all.


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