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The gcc build is stable, and is what most of the devs use.  Avoid the vs build like the plague :)

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- dink

The WIP storage facility now also has XP compatible builds. I'd only use them on XP though, the other build is using a much newer compiler.

XP build is compiled with mingw/gcc 5.3.0
For years I compiled my builds with mingw/gcc 4.8.1, and they ran fine for everyone :)
IMO the XP build from appveyor will work fine on any system - including XP, but the non-XP build will only run on Win7+. (or maybe Vista?)

best regards,
- dink


--- Quote from: Kev on July 29, 2019, 12:29:50 PM ---Various WIP builds can now be downloaded from

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This link is now dead. It should be replaced with

thanks! link updated


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