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The aim of this this tool is to generate sorted romsets for arcade, it was constructed with sbcs/pis and/or bartop in mind to keep romsets size down, but it can be used to construct sorted sets for any machine really.
Only games referenced in the BestArcade list are kept, this list contains all the interesting arcades games, at the exception of adult and gambling games.
You can also use tested working level (on raspbery pi3) from this list to choose to keep games or not, this is optional

- Generate BestArcade romsets by using your fbneo, mame2003 and mame2010 non-merged sets, your original sets will be kept intact
- Bios are automatically included
- Generate basic gamelist (originally Recalbox format but should work for other distribs like Batocera and Retropie) for these sets, with optional images. Genre images were generated with the awesome site Game-icons.net
- Generate csv files documenting the generated sets
- Generate a scoresheet comparing working level in generated sets
- Generate dat files for the generated romsets

- It's not clrmamepro and will not check that your romsets files are in the right version number
- It only works with non-merged sets, split and merged sets are not supported, use clrmamepro to generate non-merged sets if needed
- It doesn't handle CHD
- It only works on Windows, although it should work on Linux by launching it manually with Python 3.7, but it needs testing to be sure. If you happen to test it under linux or macos, please enter an issue.

- Add mame2003plus, eventually removing mame2003
- Add custom set, to be able to sort any mame set
- Add another naomi / atomiswave tab to construct sets for this systems
- Handle CHD
- Add new testing sbcs

If you have any remark, evolution requirement or bug notice, please file it in github issues of the project.

BestArcade Github

BestArcade release 1.01

Release 1.2

Download here

- Full testing and integration of mame2003+
- General cleaning

Next (possible) updates will be :
- Retest english clones of japanese roms to use them instead of the parent when possible
- Try to handle CHD in a graceful way
- Possibly remove mame2003 as it doesn't make much sense anymore (both mame2003plus and mame2010 are better)
- Add several tabs to the UI to handle more sets : naomi, atomiswave, and if possible handhelds (Tiger, G&W, etc...)
- In the far future (hopefully before Skynet rise), tests on a more powerfull SBC, either RockPro64, Odroid XU4 or Odroid N2

And I'm still looking for brave folks willing to test the script on linux  :devlish:

Release 1.3

Download here

- CHD handling (uncompressed CHD folders must be placed in romset folder alongside roms)
- Custom romset generation (generate BestArcade set for any mame romset)
- AtomisWave romset generation
- Naomi romset generation
- Use english clones instead of parent japanese games when possible

I'm still looking for brave folks willing to test the script on linux  :devlish:

BestArcade Release 1.4

Download here

- Add handhelds tab, generate a romset of all handhelds non-console game devices from latest mame romset
- Add Neo Geo AES tab for generating neo geo AES romset
- Remove Sega System SP (Spider) games from naomi romsets as they are not supported anyway
- Cute icon

Next version:
- Seriously try to execute it on linux, again !
- Vertical romset

Release 1.5
Download it here

- Linux compatibility (see README.md)
- Added Sega Model 2 and Sega Model 3 tabs
- Updated FBNeo tests to mid-may level

Next version :
- Standard testing board will become the Odroid N2, a new spreadsheet will be created


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