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FB Neo Bugs Reports

This thread was created to organize bugs reports related to FB Neo

Please only post Bug reports in this thread and/or in the GitHub FBNeo/issues Reporting Module.

Don't think twice about reporting a bug, feel free to post every detail, but please make sure the report is clear and specific, if the bug is a game crash, a savestate would help to recreate it and see whats wrong. Details of your system are also important, you can save the System Information that FBNeo generates as a text file and attach it with your report. If you have any images / screenshot of the bugs they are very useful as well.

Remember to follow the Forum rules always when posting anything here. :)


If possible, also please attach a save state and screenshots!

Maybe its time to end the old thread since this one now exists.

alt archive a backup copy and keep it private

We need to keep it as-is for reference, and I like to go through it from time to time to find things that were missed.

For reference ofc, still made a suggestion in-case.


Shouldn't you be a FBN Dev?


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