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Hi guys,
this is a topic dedicated to the game consoles/home computers... in other words, I'll only treat the games for the home systems already emulated by FBN.

Currently the home systems emulated by FBN are:


Fairchild Channel F

MSX (first generation)

NEC PC-Engine/TurboGrafx-16/SuperGrafx

Nintendo Entertainment System/Famicom
Nintendo Famicom Disk System

SEGA SG-1000
SEGA Master System/Mark III
SEGA Game Gear
SEGA Megadrive/Genesis

Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K/128K (.z80, .tap)

SNK NeoGeo Pocket (standard and Color)

The first post is related to the English Translated version of Megadrive "Madou Monogatari I" (Sorcery Saga I)... now this "dungeon crawler" RPG by Compile is fully playable in english language! ;)
This is the link to the ips translation file:

This game was added by barbudreadmon... RetroSouls' Gluf, a very funny action-puzzle game for Megadrive! ;)
Here the link to the official website:

Now it's the turn of PC-Engine:
- Atlantean (a "Defender" style game) [ ]
- City Hunter (English Translation) [ ]
- Maison Ikkoku (English Translation) [ ]

Gab75, very nice additions!  Thanks :)


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