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Added the support to 3 new NES/Famicom titles (2 homebrews + 1 GlobalHack):
Deadpool Special Mission v1.3 Alt 1/Alt 2 (GlobalHack, 2023)
Snail Hop (HB, 2023)
Soko Banana (HB, 2023)

Romancia for the NES just got a Spanish translation.

It's one of those early RPGs that originated on the MSX.

Download here.

The same author also made translations for Dragon Buster II: Yami no Fuuin and Heracles no Eikou II: Titan no Metsubou that I'm not sure if they're included on the NES roster or not.

There's a new bugfix patch for Super Mario Bros. 2, FDS version.

It's the version known in the west as "The Lost Levels", not the Yume Kōjō: Dokidoki Panic port we got back in the day.

Download here.

There's at least another bugfix patch for the FDS version of the game, it's called ULTIMATE smb2j, but it seems to correct less bugs than this one.

Added the support to 2 Japan titles (Famicom), 5 translation hacks (NES/Famicom) and 1 bugfix hack (FDS):
Glory of Heracles, The - Labors of the Divine Hero (Japan/T-Eng/T-Spa) (1987-2014-2022)
Glory of Heracles II, The - Titans' Downfall (Japan/T-Eng/T-Spa) v1.31 (1989-2016-2023)
Romancia (T-Spa) (2023)
Super Mario Bros 2 "Bugfix hack" (2023)

Thank you very much!  :biggrin:


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