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[IPS] FB Neo IPS Files Collection [by Taoenwen]

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Hi dear members,

I'm really happy to share with you the IPS collection made by Taoenwen.

Source :

Link to download IPS Collection : FBNeo IPS

NOTE: this link will be regularly updated by taoenwen


A lot of patches are missing compared to the old packs.

moreover, the integrated kof96ae patch of this new pack is not the same as the one you offer. what is good?

This is not the same ips collection and it has nothing to do with the old packs. This collection is made by Taoenwen, tested and working with actual FBNeo set.

Concerning kof96ae patch : this patch has been made before new build 2.3.0320 release.

NOTE: This collection is not static and will be updated very often

IPS repository opened :

Great Stuff!


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