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I have created with the help from JacKc an easy to use compile script for FB Neo.

Script, readme and needed stuff can be found here:

If you find bugs, having input for improvement feel free to post it here.

For devs: if you have already a working Mingw environment -> please comment out line 21 in the script (temporary added path environment)

Please do not post the download link outside -> link it to this topic here

Thats pretty cool.

The makefile makefile.mamemingw should work with a default install of the 32bit (and maybe the 64bit) version of So if you wanted to use an up to date compilier without needing the whole of mingw installed.

Thanks Kev, "my" compile environment was given by JacKC as I was "not able" to build it up myself ;-) My plan was to use the MAME compile environment msys2 with everything inside (also git.exe that I must install it now) and the ability to update the tool with the script. I will check your website, maybe it is better to have an up-to-date GCC. Are you using it? Sometime newer builds break the compile process .....

Yeah, I have been using winlibs but primarily I use visual studio. I have several installs of gcc environments as well mostly for helping me fix appveyor but also for building the sdl2 version of FBNeo on windows. It works well with gcc10 though.

a small change in the script -> new fbneo.chm will be added to the output folder :-)


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