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[TOOL] FB Neo compile script for Windows 10 x64

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Keep in mind that when V1.0.0.0 is released I have to check my compile script if it still work correct, regarding the "numbers"

Script runs ok:

Version    :
Build      :  253e21869d546406eb1f51680d87e262c78c570b
Revision   :  9277

I will post soon a new script for compiling windows exe for official builds. It will download the required source direct from github, based on the tags and compiles it. So you can create your own official builds for or (of course more to follow ;-))

In the meantime I post a screenshot of my compile environment. I have also created scripts for generate dat-files, full automated, including copy it to my ROMManager (sorry those are private and too complicate to handle) ;-)

I have released my script for compiling official releases. At the moment is and available, but it grows in the future ;-) Be sure that if you want to use it you have installed the compile environment -> see my entry post. Download link is also posted there.

Guys, is it possible to build the Fightcade version of FBNeo? (
I tried several ways but the same error happens. I have experience with other languages, but no C++. I'm feeling this is so trivial for you guys but I'm having a hard time.

The fba_kaillera.cpp is the same file on both official and Fightcade versions, exactly the same. I can build the official FBNeo, but not this one. Could you guys give me some advice?



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