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please, can you tell me how to turn the beeping sound off in the script ? thank you.

Hmmm I can only hear a "beep" when I choose a not existing option in the menu. What Windows-version are you using? (We have only tested it on Windows 10 x64)

I think only "pause" or "choice" commands in my script could generate a "beep". I have not found for both commands an option for disabling "beep"

btw the annoying "beep" is not a problem from my script itself, it is a windows default behavior:

I am using win10 64 . it is when you press U for update. After it updated and press any key to go back to menu.

sorry cant help you in that case. I have also played around and some of those "tip" has not worked for me. As it is a system-sound I can not disable it in my script....

You can disable it for a current cmd-line -> set it to mute and don't close this cmd-line windows anymore ;-)

And for the "go back to the menu" -> read the docu -> change line 24 "set batchpause=on" to "set batchpause=off" -> yeah 1 beep less :-)

Thank you . I turn off speaker when compile.


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